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"This is the most addictive stuff I have ever eaten in my whole, entire, very long life. I can't keep my spoon out of the jar. The butter itself is just sweet enough, just mellow enough, just velvety enough, and the finely chopped pecans make it ecstatic. Please do yourself a favor and buy it. Buy lots of it." - Helen G. - Glendale, CA.†

"Crispy crunchy and a delicate bite that chomps back if you nibble too many, these beans are perfect for pairing up with your Ceaser instead of a stick of celery. Hard to find in the area of California i reside in, i was excited to find a supplier that was able to ship so quickly and serve my cravings for an item so readily available back home in canada" - E. Lamont - CA.†

"Purchased this product, for my wife, who loves Pumkin Butter, year round! Product shipped and arrived very quickly! Wonderful tasty butter! The added texture, of the ground pecan, made it even better! My wife eats it daily, and I have it on weekends! Will order more!!!" - Terry, MO

"I have tried alot of asparagus, these are by far the best, enjoyed the garlic and spices in a lightly pickled variety. Excellant in Bloody Mary or all by themselves. You have done the job done just right." - Little J, Des Moines, WA.

"I just wanted to send you folks a quick compliment regarding your Rib & Chicken rub. After living in North Carolina for more than 6 years my wife and I got very attached to pulled pork sandwiches with bbq sauces that were not tomato based. Pulled pork sandwich on a hamburger bun with cole slaw, awesome! We have lived in California for more than 20 years and have been trying to dupilcate those terrific sandwiches for us and our the rest of our family.† We have tried dozens of rub recipe's until we found yours.. It it absolutely terrific! We love it and will never use anything else again.. Thank you so much" - Chuck & Cecilia, El Dorado Hills, CA.

"I wanted to tell you that the superb hot pepper relish made me want to order a case for all of my family. I have used it all and need more. When can you ship it to me? I used it on grilled cheese, eggs and also is great on hamburgers and hot dogs. Can't wait to try it on other foods." Al B. - Delray Beach, FL.

"We are thrilled to try all of your different sauces, dressings, etc. The recipe sheet you gave us is very helpful. We canít wait to have our friends try them too. One sauce is just as yummy as the next. We would love to stay on a mailing list to find out when you have new products to offer." Joyce and
Dave P. - Auburn, CA.

"The hot pepper relish is awesome!!!!"
Peter S. - Granite Bay, CA.

"I tried the hot pepper relish and really love it. I have to say the combination of the hot and sweet is an awesome addition to just about anything from eggs to taco's, to a simple cracker. I have to get some more!!" Sharon M. - Folsom, CA.

"Wow, the raspberry preserves are awesome! Also, I just tried your mustard yesterday... oh my god, it is the greatest. It really is, I just love it" Ruth K. - Waterbury, CT

"My husband and I met you at the Auburn heritage festival. We purchased the Zinfandel Meat Marinade and the Bleu Cheese Pecan Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. We have enjoyed them so much. At dinner this evening I used the last of the dressing, which brings me to your web site this evening. The marinade that we bought was outstanding, that was gone so quick, as we barbecue quite a bit. So just a note that I am purchasing more for ourselves and for someone on our Christmas list. Thanks for such a tasty product. We will continue to order throughout the year, not just at Christmas time." Cherie A. - Sacramento, CA.

"I know you get this all the time, but I tried the Vinaigrette salad dressing and I LOVE it!" Jamie T. - Roseville, CA

My friend you packed the gift for in December raved about your raspberry mustard and my other friend just sent me a thank you and raved about your Lemon Herb marinade." Cami K. - Granite Bay, CA.

"I so love your products... It is always nice to see your products and to watch the people go crazy over them." Judy K. - Folsom, CA

"Everything you make is wonderful." Julie D. - Gold River, CA

"I have to tell you that not only do I use your specialty foods, but I keep a supply on hand to give as hostess gifts. Everyone loves them." Carol H. - Lincoln, CA

"Thank you for such excellent service.† The product was here practically instantly and was terrific."†† Lauralee C.